Once a year we drag our wives, kicking and screaming from the comfort of their kitchens, on a film shoot to an exotic and luxurious destination like Seychelles or the islands of Mozambique. You will appreciate that we are forced to film ourselves fishing for a living, so when we make these magnanimous concessions to our better halves, the warm glow of generosity seeping through our souls is a tangible thing. The rest of the

More Space Than Time

Posted by Brad Cartwright on  September 26, 2019

It’s taken me four trips to the lower Orange River to fully appreciate what this majestic piece of the earth’s surface truly offers us members of the species homo sapiens, and how puny we seem when faced with space of this magnitude. Wide open spaces and a river runs through it. A visit to this generally arid and remote part of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa, and the mighty river that runs through

An Indian Summer

Posted by Gareth on  August 28, 2019

Category: Fly, South Africa
Waiting for the turn of the season is what you do as fly fishermen, knowing that with each one, a particular species will appear on our radar. And whilst we couldn’t claim to be men of all seasons, come Winter it’s the TOPS Corporate Challenge that every angler is clamoring to enter. And judging from this year’s grand final you can understand why. A glass of not so serious was truly embraced, with the Bains

Pennington Winter Offshore

Posted by Craig Thomassen on  August 5, 2019

Winter offshore fishing on the KZN South Coast can be exceptional, or it can be tough. It all depends on the sardine run activity and sea conditions at the time. A few weeks back there were some fantastic GT catches off Pennington, they seemed to be everywhere, and none were under 20kg’s. I was itching to get out and get stuck in to my favourite species in my home waters, but my usual boat partner
An Enthusiasm……..A Festivity………An Anecdote…..pick any one, because each would be appropriate to describe the atmosphere at the 3rdLeg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge.   Watching captains of industry and businessmen from all walks of life refresh old friendships and make new ones is reminiscent of the start of a new year at college. And for some, the lessons of last year just had to be repeated on the water. The conditions were sublime, taking that