Posted by Gareth on  June 24, 2020

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  I thought it would never end!   O.k, so you can’t have a legal smoke of satisfaction after the act or toast in celebration with your fishing buddies, but at least you can get out of jail and back on the water. That it is a pandemic there’s no debating, from where, we’ll probably never really know and it’s not going to help if we did, but quite frankly I’m sick and tired of
Today is the 18th June 2020, usually around this time of year we are starting to get excited about the imminent arrival of the sardines in KZN. This year we have already had a lot of action, and it looks like there is a whole lot more coming. The first reports of sardine shoals moving up the Eastern Cape coast started coming in late April already. There were huge flocks of diving birds and super
So Covid 19 lockdown has finally ended(ish) and we can go fishing again. I was as confused as anybody about the actual time that we could hit the rocks and ended up jumping the gun, and going a day early in my eagerness to breathe some salty air. I went for a spinning session off one of my favourite rocky points, along with a keen, young angler, Kei Giraudeau. Kei Giraudeau spinning from the rocks

Corona Moments

Posted by Brad Cartwright on  June 5, 2020

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So,at the moment it’s ok to go to church with 50 people, but not to go to your favourite fishing spot by yourself! I understand Nkosazana-Zuma doesn’t fish, or smoke for that matter, but seriously that’s about all I understand. Our business is built around recreational angling. Which obviously has not been an ideal scenario since the lockdown, besides the fact that there are no know instances of fish being infected by Covid 19. Perhaps
Queenfish are one of those species of fish that is perfect for targeting with light tackle and lures. They are strong, but clean fighters. They are acrobatic fighters, which often leap from the water in spectacular jumps during the fight. They are very aggressive when they are feeding and often attack surface lures in a pack attack. They are also very beautiful fish and make for gorgeous photographs. I have put together a few tips