Transkei Fishing Heaven

Those that know me, know that my favourite form of fishing is estuary fishing. If I had to be even more specific, then I would say Transkei estuary fishing. In my experience there are few places as tranquil to fish, as a Transkei estuary. I value any time spent on these beautiful rivers, soaking up the peace, enjoying the sounds of bird calls, the magnificent scenery and of course hunting a variety of elusive, predatory

My Silver King

I simply love fishing, not sure why, but there it is. I’m happy to sit on a rock and watch the water. Whip a popper till my arms are sore, or try my hardest to land a delicate little fly on the spot. For me it’s a primal instinct, not a race. Every time I go out I learn something about the fish, the world, even myself. I’m happy to watch the boffins casually discuss

Record Breaking Results

Mist and drizzle greeted the finalists of the TOPS Corporate Challenge Final this last weekend, which not surprisingly didn’t put even a slight damper on the atmosphere of the opening evening at the legendary Notties. But, with over half a Million Rands worth of holidays up for grabs and every person guaranteed to win one of them, you can understand why. Tiger fishing Trips to Matoya, Ichingo, Royal Zambezi, Redcliffs and Shayamoya coupled with yellow

Browns and Rain

The elusive Brown Trout finally graced us with their presence in the 3rd Leg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge. Why is as much a mystery to me as it is to the anglers who were fortunate enough to have them come to the party. That wiley Browns love a cold miserable day is common knowledge, with low light, overcast conditions making them comfortable enough to move throughout the water column. Yet with a blue sky

20 000 Trout

The decrease in water temperatures certainly increased the activity on the fishing front in the 2nd leg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge, with more fish over 50cm being caught and released than in previous years. But yet again, the celebrations started on the Thursday opening ceremony and continued until the culmination of prize giving on Saturday. The weather couldn¹t have been more picture perfect, with blue skies only momentarily obscured by clouds that didn¹t produce