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    Uploaded via Fishbook

  • It was mid-November and I was heading south to one of my favorite locations… As the last bit of concrete and steel from South Africa’s judicial capital disappeared in my rearview mirror and the horizon lit up w […]

  • Inside Angling was invited by Rico Sakko to fish in Morocco for white marlin in August 2017. Rico is an old friend who we have fished with in Angola many times, he had fished Morocco last year for white marlin and had an amazing experience. This year he was bringing his son, Vincent, who is 12 years old, and hoping to break the junior world record for white marlin. He also invited Henry Gradwell, an […]

  • Summer time isn’t what you would call peak trout season. When the local Stillwaters start to break through the 20°C mark the speckled inhabitants start to feel stressed. As we know Trout are a cold water species and prefer well oxygenated water. Warmer water has less oxygen and with little to no current or flow bringing in fresh water and oxygen, the situation is not ideal for trout. Their natural instinct is to move to […]

  • They have been the focal point of many novels, poems and more recently popular fly fishing films. Between the long hikes through charming scenery and slow-motion casting, rises the unmistakable golden head sprinkled with spots of black and brown, and often shades of red, to gently remove insects from the surface of the water before it slowly glides down back to the bottom of the river. If such a competition existed, brown trout would be […]

  • Competition angling is not for everyone, in fact some of the best anglers I have met have never fished a competition in their lives. Some see fishing as an escape. An break from their daily routine, and from the responsibilities that go with adult life. They want to be outside with a rod in hand maybe a refreshment in the other and spend some quality time with mates targeting their favorite species of fish. The […]

  • The world of fly fishing rods is a strange and dark place… We have all been there, looking for the perfect rod that would ultimately make us better fly anglers and help us catch more fish. We often hear guys talk about the “best” rod on the market and every year there is a new kid on the block challenging for that top spot. The truth is there is no one “best” rod but there […]

  • “Rainbow trout are predators with a varied diet, and will eat nearly anything they can grab. Their image as selective eaters is only a legend.” (Albury Fisheries) 5 years ago trout was a foreign concept to me as a “Vaal” angler. What I knew of the species I got from fancy restaurant menus and watching Brad Pitt in that o’ so poetic fly fishing film… I spent most of my time targeting largemouth bass and […]

  • Rhuan wrote a new post, The River Kingdom 3 years ago

     “The angler forgets most of the fish he catches, but he does not forget the streams and lakes in which they are caught.” – Charles K. Fox My journey in fly fishing has been short compared to some… but rather than seeing my young age and limited experience as a curse I find it a blessing. I remember as a kid how excited I got when we went on family holidays or day trips to […]

  • Anton Hartman with a beaut Smallmouth caught on Dry Fly   The Vaal River is probably one the most popular fly fishing destinations in South Africa. Every summer season thousands of eager fly anglers gather on the banks of the Vaal, armed and ready to take on the mighty indigenous Yellowfish. As the Vaal temperatures start to increase around the changing season the Smallmouth Yellowfish become active and will move into shallower, flowing water to […]


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