Pennington Winter Offshore

Winter offshore fishing on the KZN South Coast can be exceptional, or it can be tough. It all depends on the sardine run activity and sea conditions at the time. A few weeks back there were some fantastic GT catches off Pennington, they seemed to be everywhere, and none were under 20kg’s. I was itching to get out and get stuck in to my favourite species in my home waters, but my usual boat partner had meetings and was not available for the week.

GT’s were coming out daily on the South Coast

When we finally got out last week, the GT’s had disappeared and the action was over. We spent some hours working the shallow inshore areas, where the bait concentrations were high and where the GT’s had been the previous week. This tactic produced some very good yellowfin tuna, with the biggest coming in at around 34kgs.

Yellowfin tuna were the only game fish that we could find the following week

After having some fun with the tuna, we decided to move out to some reefs and try drifting over them with live maasbankers out. I did some light jigging as we drifted over the structure and had some fun with bottom species. I landed up catching five species of rock cod on small 60g jigs, some of which were big enough to put up a good fight on the light tackle.

Yellowbelly Rockcod caught on a jig and light tackle

While it was a good session and we had plenty of fun, I was a little disappointed not to get into some GT’s. The lesson that I learnt a long time ago came back to me. When the fish are biting, you need to go fishing. The following week is not going to cut it.

White edged rockcod, or Captain Fine, caught on a jig

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